Elizabeth; Dead Man's Chest


If anyone cares to know, I'm switching over to a community, because I, personally, hate this username and I want to post under my personal lj name.


Just thought you all ought to know.

The new community is right here, and I'm hoping to get a real update in soon.

Sorry if it's a problem for the switch, but I've been wanting to do it for awhile now.

Feel free to friend the comm. :]
Battle on

25 HP icons, 6 Tom Welling, 5 banners

Not my best bunch, but I was half-asleep when I made these. :)
Plus, Vogue's pictures are all really yellow.

Comment if you take any, credit arghh_graphics.

06 Daniel Radcliffe
06 Rupert Grint
08 Emma Watson
03 Deathly Hallows cover (US)
02 Random Text

06 Tom Welling icons
01 Chlark Friends only banner


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Battle on

48 HP, 20 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

48 Harry Potter
- 10 House pride
- 10 Order of the Phoenix
- 08 Deathly Hallows book cover
- 05 Bonnie Wright
- 02 Daniel Radcliffe
- 01 Ralph Fiennes
- 01 reallycorking  's art (Ron/Hermione)
- 01 Harry/Ginny banner
- 03 Weasleys Friends Only

20 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (WARNING: END OF GAME SPOILERS!)
- 10 Link
- 05 Midna
- 02 Zelda
- 02 Link/Zelda, Link/Midna

Comment if you take any, credit to arghh_graphics.


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